JUST CHEATS - Коды и прохождения к популярным играм

Zaboday narod project - мега развлекательный портал

 Если у вас есть коды к играм, которых нет у нас, огромная просьба присылать их нам.

Colin McRae rally



Если вы вдруг не нашли то что вам надо, вы можете спросить в нашей гостевой.

DARKSIDE - drive all stages at night
BACKAGAIN - drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start)
FREEWAY - dnlock all stages
PASSEDOUT - give Nicky control
WHITEOUT - race all tracks in fog
PRESSFAST - pedal power
CHOIRBOY - give Nicky a squeaky voice
SPECIALED - replay transition mode
ROCKETMAN - turbo boost
BIGGUNs - double power
TURNBACK - forklift steer
ALIENGOO - jelly car
TROLLEY - Toggles four wheel steering
FORKLIFT - Toggles rear wheel steering
HELIUMNICK - Makes copilot talk like Mickey Mouse
MOREOOMPH - Toggles turbo mode
BLANCMANGE - Toggles rubber car mode
BACKSEAT - Makes copilot become Nicky Grist
PEASOUPER - Toggles excessive fog
OPENROADS - Enables all tracks
SHOEBOXES - Enables all cars
DIRECTORCUT - Camera position changes in replay
BUTTONBASH - Drive backwards
GHOSTRIDER - Less crashes
SILKSMOOTH - Fast graphics
DIDDYCARS - View from above
WHITEBUNNY - Steer on the right side
MOONWALK - Less gravitation

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